Flag Size Reference

It is important to buy the correct sized flag.

                                                                                                                                                                You can find your World Map with flags under Accessories for $19.95

                                                         World Map

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Indoor and outdoor flags are different. 

It is important to know the difference between flags made for outdoor versus indoor use; don’t confuse the two.  Outdoor flags are usually made of nylon, while indoor flags are usually made of polyester or a cotton blend. If you’re not sure whether yours is for indoor or outdoor use, call us toll free at 1-800-210-5330 (585-385-5850 local).

Outdoor (Nylon)
Premium Quality
Exact Colors
Thicker (200 Denier)
Accurate Sizing
Indoor (Polyester) 
Out sells nylon 5:1
Color values may vary
Thinner (somewhat transparent)
Sizing may be off a little

HELPFUL HINT - Polyester may need ironing on low heat to better display it